Todd & Mandy Patterson


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Every great story has a beginning, and ours happened right here in Miami.  I took Mandy on our first date to The Blue Door at the Delano. The stars aligned that night, and the food and ambiance were only bested by my ethereally stunning date.  As Mandy and I got to know one another, we discovered our shared passion for great food and began creating the first of many special memories that centered around a sensational meal.  When we decided to launch our Catering business we knew we had to reference the start of our journey together on our date at the Blue Door. Mandy and I have a fun, playful and optimistic outlook on life and food, so we gave a wink to Mandy's favorite color, Purple!  And thus Purple Door was created.   We can't think of a better image of our love for sharing exceptional food and unforgettable events with others!  

At Purple Door, we strive to recreate the special memories of the past and bring new ones to the table for today. So tell us, what recipes evokes those great memories for you? A sensual Ragu alla Bolognese from Italy? An adventurous Lomo Saltado from Peru, Bobotie from South Africa? Perhaps a warm and satisfying Fish and Chips from England?  

Purple Door exists to satisfy your cravings for exquisite meals while harking back to your cherished memories!

Our Staff

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Professional, polite and attentive describe what we expect out of our employees. They have been trained to pay close attention to the details so you don't have to. They are here to make your event go smoothly.   


*You will also find our staff to be discreet.  Disclosure of your guest list or details of the party to the public is strictly forbidden.  Your confidentiality is important